Gail Howard Smart Luck Lotto Systems Don’t Work!

Gail Howard Smart Luck Lotto Systems Don’t Work!

Gail Howard Smart Luck lotto systems have been around for ages and advertise they have made people rich. This is totally false! Gail Howard’s wheeling systems are very poor wheeling systems that have been proven not effective and have no merit in producing lottery winners in any way.

 The fact is Gail Howard’s lottery wheeling systems are virtually useless. wheeling systems simply are not that effective and will not increase your chances of winning unless they are tried and trued proven wheels. This little fact is convieniently left out with most sellers who sell wheeling products, as they are just made up and deliver nothing.

The silly ‘proof’ offered by Gail Howard Smart Luck is “look at our winners” is totally fake and misleading. The honest truth is that people who buy wheeling systems generally end up buying a hell of a lot more tickets and THAT really is the ONLY thing that does increases their chances of actually winning. Gail Howards Smart Luck also recommends very silly tips or advice such as avoiding number combinations that have never been picked before, that is totally bad advice. In the 27 years of Gail Howard selling lottery wheel systems, I would expect to see tons of lottery winners praising the smart luck system, but there is NONE!

The honest truth is there are only a handful of tried tested and proven wheels that have won money. You will not find these wheels easily, you need to know the right people to obtain these wheels. At this time no one is selling them and it would take years to search for them online. I know who has these wheels and they may sell them in the future, if they do I will let you know.

 Avoid lottery systems by marketer like Ken Silver, Ace Lee, Gail Howard, Paul Connors and many others, as they only sell made up lottery wheels that have no merit for producing winners at all. They hype up there poor system so they can make a fast buck! Right now the best legit lottery system in the world is the Lotto Guy Lottery System and it is not a silly lottery wheel and is not sold by marketers, you should check it out as it is very good.

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Dale, posted this comment on Dec 11th, 2011

Tried Gail Howards systems, but won nothing at all. I later found the same wheels she sold me free on the web. She does finds free them and sells them, all crap!

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