How to Pick Winning Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

How to Pick Winning Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

There is a simple way to pick far more winners, playing Scratch Off Tickets, you need a system!

Playing scratch n win tickets is quite possibly the most common form of gambling out there, but from my experience playing them it is hard to pick the winners. I would usually win a $2.00 ticket every 3-5 tickets I played, which is ok, but you do not even win your money back you spent. Once in a while I would win a $5.00 – $20.00 ticket and it usually cost me a lot to find one of those winners. I now use a system to pick my scratch n win tickets and my pick of winning tickets has improved greatly. Even with a really good system I find $10.00 – $20.00 tickets are hard to find, but there are plenty of $5.00 winners which are easy to pick using the system or guide lines that I follow and picking $2.00 winners is super easy. Here is a page I put some of my winning tickets on so you can see it is for real  HERE . I did not put on any of my $2.00 winners on this page as there are a ton of them and the page would be very slow loading so I only put on my over $2.00 winners as these are not as common to pick over and over again. Do not buy all of your tickets from just one store, go to a few stores, this way you will find more winners. If I spent half a day going from store to store and pick scratch n win tickets using the system or guide lines, I could make $50.00 profit daily if I wanted to. I am not into doing that but some of you may look at doing that as kind of a part time job, or just another way to earn extra cash.

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