Lotto Master Formula – Good or Bad?

Lotto Master Formula – Good or Bad?

Is this another excellent product by Ace Lee? I think not. Here’s the latest of his sub-par lottery systems.

Here we go again people. Garry G is the new kid on the block…oh wait, it’s still Ace Lee selling the product? Okay, let me rephrase that then. Garry G is another alias made up by Ace Lee to sell his poor lottery systems (which by the way are all essentially THE SAME). This one is called ‘Lotto Master Formula’, and before I get into all the fallacies on his sales page, I’d like to point out the outrageous claims this system has. 78.9% chance of winning small prizes and a ridiculous 66.2% chance of winning the Jackpots. Now Gary tells us a childhood story via audio on his website. This story details how he was always great with numbers and that his mother once told him “Gary, one day you’re going to be working for NASA”. Well Gary, I’d be much happier if you were in outer space instead of littering my Email everyday. And if you are soooo good with numbers, then why not make up more believable odds than 66.2% chance of winning Jackpot. Here’s where it gets interesting. Gary has won the Jackpot Twice, which theoretically means he’s played the lottery 3 times. Garyyou are a MASTER! He wins because of his so called ‘incredible’ system that uses associated methods. Stop right there. When you hear that, GTFO. Associated methods means the system uses many or all of the same techniques as Ace Lee’s other trash systems.


Now let’s dissect Garry’s proofs of winning on his web page. He has three testimonials with pictures, all of them fake. Their names on the site are Linda F, Sam Parker and Russel from Miami. In real life, these people are Peggy McKenna, Richard Bergeron and Malcom MacDonald Jr. These people have indeed won the lottery but have already been on the internet for some time. Gary simply took the pictures off any website of his choice and used them as his own.


Next is his “proof” for a winning Lotto Max ticket. This picture doesn’t show a winning ticket, it shows a results ticket, where he just circled what he supposedly won. Nice try Gary/Ace Lee. And then there’s Kim Jo Sung who won 17 million Yen in China using Gary’s system. His testimonial is obviously fake as he states, “Sorry if my English is poor” when the fact is, his English is perfect and sounds oddly just like Gary’s writing.

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Micheal, posted this comment on Jan 25th, 2012

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