Lotto Strategies for Winners Scam! Richard Wilson Lottery|lottery Scam

Lotto Strategies for Winners Scam! Richard Wilson Lottery|lottery Scam

This system is just silly past drawn number results analysis and exclusion of unlikely number combinations, total rubbish and is all free to look up for any lottery game on the web.

This system is a total SCAM! the winners photos are not actually him and were copied without permission. The winners cheques are NOT his and were copied from other web sites. Lotto Stratregies For Winners is just a very common past drawn number analysis with a hyped up story line to lure you in. The lotto system costs $77 for info you can find free on the Internet, you do not need to pay for it. This type of lottery system will only help improve your odds to win just a little, NOT what the sales page of lotto strategies suggests. This is nothing but a SCAM! To double check that, if it is sold through ClickBank it is very likely to be a scamish type lotto system. This is only for lottery systems, clickbank does sell other good products.

If you want a real lottery system that is not a scam and just won best lottery systems by a 1 month poll votes, you need the Lotto Guy Lottery System it does it all! and it is far better than any past drawn number system. It was developed by real techs not people such as you and I and then hyped up with a lie type story sales page. Trust me I know lottery systems and have won thousands. I know which ones work and which ones do not!

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heyward, posted this comment on May 31st, 2011

Yeah you’re right. It’s a total scam. All their so called ‘proof’ is fake. I also agree that Lotto Guy is a pretty decent system.

Fiskis, posted this comment on May 31st, 2011

heyward, all of ace lee and ken silvers systems are full of this kind of B.S! Yes the lotto guy system is about the best system you can get, it is not sold by ace lee or ken silver.

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