Lotto Variant System is It a Scam?

Lotto Variant System is It a Scam?

Thinking of trying the Lotto Variant System, well you might want to pass on this system when you read the real truth about it. Everything on the sales page is fake and the system is useless and will only cost you a whopping $67.

Here we have yet another new lottery system called Lotto Variant System that sells for a whopping $67.00. This system is using a phony scenario about an average guy that sets the big lotteries on fire, after discovering a dirty secret to sky rocket his lottery winnings. Says he discovered a little lottery code that can make you a lottery winner. This scenario sounds very close to another lottery system that was just released called the Mark Bower Lottery System. The Mark Bower System is another person who stumbled upon a secret to win lotteries and the big lotteries panicked and hired 200 mathematicians to cover the secret. How many systems say someone has found a secret to win lotteries? Too many to be true and it would be all over the news, people would be winning lotteries left right and center, but this is not happening.

I checked out the Lotto Variant System and found the real owner or seller of this useless system is Ace Lee. Ace Lee is also the real owner or seller of the Mark Bower Lottery System another useless system, what a coincidence! Can you say Scam! Ace Lee is a marketer, he sells lottery systems through ClickBank so he can use ClickBanks 60 day money back guarantee, but here is the catch, ClickBank does not honor refunds for lottery systems. The marketers who sell lottery systems love to use this guarantee to lure you into a sale, you will not get your money back when you find out you have been fooled. Some sellers say just email me and I will refund you, YA RIGHT! 

Many people are tricked into purchasing these silly very hyped-up useless lottery systems thinking they are going to win the lottery with them, but later find out they spent their money on a useless system. These types of systems only make the seller and affiliate sellers money, NOT YOU! Also any system sold through ClickBank such as the Lotto Variant System will have affiliate sellers which is very bad. Affiliates will write articles stating the system is great just to make a sale, they do not care if it works or does not work.

Here are the lottery systems I know that are sold by Ace Lee, I highly recommend you pass on these systems:

  • Lotto Variant System
  • Mark Bower Lottery System
  • Lottery Circle software System
  • Lottery Method
  • How To Win Lottery Pool
  • Lottery Wheel System
  • The Inverted Lottery System
  • How To Win Pick 6

  Need more proof that Ace Lee’s lottery systems are junk? Read this article and pay close attention to the many comments at the bottom of the page by real users of Ace Lee’s systems Ace Lee Lottery Circle System Good Or Bad?

Want to find real legit lottery systems that work? Check with this website first before you buy, they will give you the good and the bad scoop on most lottery system being sold.

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sanataryal, posted this comment on Jan 15th, 2012

Fiskis , very good analysis .

Dr. Bill Callaway, posted this comment on Jan 16th, 2012

How many people got ripped by this guy, amazing.

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